The Best Steakhouses in the United States

The Best Steakhouses in the United States

Regulars don’t need a menu at Peter Luger, the Michelin-starred chophouse in Brooklyn, where not much has changed since 1887—except the newly hip neighborhood.

While the constancy of that dry-aged porterhouse and old-school vibe is comforting, the past decade has ushered in an equally worthy breed of steakhouses that are more stylish in the dining room and more inventive in the kitchen.

In Los Angeles, for instance, Wolfgang Puck’s Cut displays artwork by John Baldessari in a sleek room with gallery-white walls. And Urban Farmer, in Portland, OR, is about as hipster as a steakhouse can get, with a communal table and a tasting platter of grass-fed, corn-fed, and grain-finished beef that pairs nicely with local Ransom Spirits whiskey.



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