What To Do And Where To Eat In Twin Falls Idaho

What To Do And Where To Eat In Twin Falls Idaho

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another journey We’re here at Malad Gorge in Devil’s Washbowl in Thousand Springs Idaho just a little ways outside of Twin Falls So sit back relax and enjoy the journey I had to stop and give you guys the view of this waterfall. It’s absolutely amazing *Music* This is Ritter Island Judge Ritter bought it from Minnie. I think in the 50s, but don’t quote me and then he shut it off to the public She used to do tours and stuff. Okay, so it was totally Isolated and he actually did sell the milk and then he got rid of it and then somebody else they finally donated it in 2006 Hmm, it became a state park Grew her own Food all the food for the animals.

What year did she live out here the 1920s and she The only thing she needed was to purchase with salt and sugar. She didn’t have that but everything else she made herself And this is an island the Snake River is over there Okay And this is an aquifer that feeds this it comes out of the, well, Not that one that’s an overflow from the aquifer but the one’s coming out of the mountain is an aquifer It’s under us and it’s the size of Rhode Island Takes the water 200 years to get here. So it’s pure we’ve had it tested. There’s no micro-organisms There’s no mineral nothing. It’s just pure distilled water, but it’s drinkable They walk the horses down to get a drink.

It’s a constant 58 degrees doesn’t matter what the ambient temperature is it’s 58 degrees So which one is Sally The closest one to me is Sally and the other one is what one Mary. They’re half-sisters, they’re about 3 weeks apart in age and they are 12 years old this year. Does it flow like that all year round? So that one spring Fed or is that River fed On the aquifer, okay look how Crystal clear that water is Minnie Miller falls, ok. I don’t know if you can see if there is many waterfalls all along that ridge *Music* All right. We got a little bit of a close-up view of Minnie Miller Falls, Idaho thousand Springs State Park, ifyou get out this way. You got to check it out. It is definitely something to see Travel tip for you. I Typically rent my cars no more than 24 hours advance notice unless there’s some kind of holiday some kind of event in the town that I’m going to I Always like to do a last-minute and try to grab the best deal possible This particular deal.

I got off at Costco $95 for a brand new Cadillac Nice style leather and all that good stuff for $95 for four days, National Historic Site called Minidoka. It’s an internment camp which basically means it’s where we housed the Japanese As citizens during the World War two just a couple months after Pearl Harbor strike about 30 miles outside of Twin Falls at the Japanese I guess at this point we would call it a Japanese ghost town inside America this is where we had actually prisoned the Japanese citizens The honor roll that we’re looking at here is Basically honoring the Japanese soldiers that served in the US Army during World War two As American citizens obviously look at you trespassing Yeah, so this is the barracks where they used to house the Japanese This is a root cellar, this is where they used to store the root crop What’s left of it, obviously I Have to apologize my camera had some issues and I lost most of my footage from Minidoka internment camp *Music* Yummy! what’d you get? I got a burrito Delmar I Have no idea what I got because I can’t pronounce it the carne adobado if You feel like Mexican food hit Janitzio excellent Mexican food great price fresh vegetables fresh ingredients definitely worth checking it out and really reasonable I want to thank you for watching my video all the way to the end if you would hit that like button and also Smash that subscribe button if you haven’t already done, so don’t forget to hit that Bell as well that’ll notify you every week that we have a video out and like always Thank you for living life



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