Wisconsin Burger Challenge w/ Corned Beef!! (REMATCH)

Wisconsin Burger Challenge w/ Corned Beef!! (REMATCH)

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com. very very excited tonight, going for win #305, it’s actually a challenge that I lost a long time ago. I’m at Mulligan’s Irish Bar & Grill In Franklin, Wisconsin which is a suburb of Milwaukee, I’m here with Brian the owner of the restaurant. He’s going to talk to me about the Paddy’s Lament Burger Challenge that I’m taking on! Randy you’re no stranger to the burger, it is known as Paddy’s Lament, also dubbed the Mulligan Monster, and the Dublin Destroyer! It is three pounds of black angus beef, one pound of corned beef, half pound of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and 1 pound of our beer battered fries. you have one hour to finish the challenge. The record right now is 147 losses, 2 wins. What’s the record? 54 minutes was the fastest time. If I win, I’m going to get the meal free, a shirt, and I’ll be the third person on their Wall of Fame, so lets get this challenge started! I loss this one, so I had to make sure I was ready and busted out the “Win Before you Begin” shirt.

We are not losing this thing again! Lets get it started! One, two, three! Take the knife out, going to get the meats done first, then move on to the rest. – the three pound burger patty is gone. The cheese was awesome and helped the meat go down. I finished the top half of the corned beef, now just the bottom half, then I’ll move on to the vegetables and the buns. – protein is gone, now going for the healthy vegetables. – all of the burger and everything with that is gone. Now we got the pound of fries.

Still plenty of time, well ahead of the record. Lets get this challenge done! – Awesome burger! Delicious! The cheese on there, the corned beef was perfect. The burger was great, even the fries were good! – Free meal, shirt, and I’ll be up on their Wall of Fame! If I did this years ago it would have been win #141, but just goes to show how much dedicated training and all the experience helps! Win #305! Thanks to Mulligans Irish Bar in Franklin, Wisconsin for the delicious challenge! Thank you all for coming, and thank you guys for watching!



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