Where to Eat in KC? Strouds Restaurant Review Good Food When You Travel Off The Beaten Path

Where to Eat in KC? Strouds Restaurant Review Good Food When You Travel Off The Beaten Path

Hi guys we’re here today to talk to you about Stroud’s in Kansas City Missouri very famous been there a long time they’re actually a historical landmark which I thought was interesting I didn’t realize that and I’ve been to Strouds before yes there’s a little carriage right down the road is I mean on the way to it is miniature golf so it would be a good date night yeah that’s right there its in a really old old home I believe and they have an old historic church outside the building and there’s a pond down there with ducks and geese it’s pretty neat it is pretty it’s a that’s a nice place to go and it’s just about ten minutes from downtown Kansas City so it’s north of the river and a Strouds is famous it’s been around for years they’re home to the world-famous pan-fried chicken that’s what they’re famous for yes and they have shirts that you can get that say we choked our chickens yeah which is kind of funny but we went and had Matt had I every time I go I have to have the pan-fried chicken that’s what they’re known for that’s what I got I love it yes it’s just crispy and great it’s it is really really good and one thing that we love about Stroud’s is they they will serve family style so you go you get your meal and you can get you get green beans or corn or whatever you choose but we always get green beans and then you choose your type of potato and they bring them out on platters like for families yes Mashed potatoes with gravy separate and yeah yes which is really nice I mean it’s just very warm and inviting very much comfort food yeah Potatoes and gravy and chicken and green beans and what part what potato did you have I got mashed potatoes you got mashed potatoes with gravy yeah excellent gravy a little gravy on my on the…

I usually dip chicken in it yeah which was excellent great homemade green beans and I did have a salad yes I did yeah with ranch yeah yeah homemade ranch on it it was excellent yes you ate quite a bit of it and then I had the chicken fried chicken and it was fantastic smothered in gravy green beans and I heard cottage fries cuz I wanted to kind of see what that was it was different because you can choose french fries cottage fries baked baked potato or mashed potatoes so I got the cottage fries and I was so happy because they’re like you know fried potatoes basically and they were good really good I’ll do that again and we also got another one in our group got the pork chop that’s right yes and there were two chops and you can get them fried or broiled and they were great I mean they were great and another young lady in our group got the catfish the fried catfish that looked really good it was really good I got a taste.

The dessert is fantastic they bring this big bowl of cinnamon bread oh oh it was fantastic yeah buttery cinnamon bread though usually there’s several pieces you can bring home yes we brought a lot of leftovers home yeah buttery cinnamon bread if you want comfort food you are not gonna go wrong. what’s been around for years a lot of years There’s a reason yeah its Famous I mean it’s well actually catered not to say they cater they used to cater our Christmas parties At work yeah we’ve catered them there’s a new location in Kansas too I believe fairly new that’s cool yeah but they can do big groups they can even do like receptions and things because they have a secondary building so yes like I said there’s only historic buildings outside of the restaurant An old church and it’s just this neat to walk around and see the history that they had there they moved quite a few old buildings in the area to that location great service super nice people so definitely you should try Stroud’s if you’re in the area and you want comfort food there fantastic place to go we would definitely recommend giving it a try thank you and subscribe oh wait I need a different shirt



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